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Some may already have heard of this, but Lisa Birnbach and Tommy Hilfiger have collaborated  in the best sense possible.

  Not only is this the cutest little house thingy I have seen, it is a store! Yes, a store! Its called ” Prep World”. Pretty much a dream come true for all the preppy lovers! The Preppy Princess blog ( http://thepreppyprincess.wordpress.com/2011/02/02/lisa-birnbach-tommy-hilfiger-prep-world/) gave a great blog entry on this new branch of clothing from Tommy Hilfiger! They also did a great job and even go as far as critiqing some of the clothing. They believe that sound clothing, with a prominent PREP across the t-shirt deemed too tasteless, and something preps do not look for in clothing. I do agree with the royal PP, but I do like that men’s prep t-shirt, though I would wear it around the house and for relaxing.

Here are more shots of the collection!



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This dress is super cute too! VERY NAUTICAL! And preppy! 🙂 The only thing I wish was short sleeves! And it is not very spring like! But it would be could cute for a summer at the  beach. Like a summer beach bonfire dress!

 Lilly Pulitzer!

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I love Lilly Pulitzer. She makes simple dresses that you can wear more than once, at any time. You could wear it to prom, a polo match, the beach, just any where! And Lilly never scandalous, so when you wear Lilly, you are usually considered prim, proper, preppy, young, respectful, and fun! 🙂

I am pretty short, I am 5 foot 2,  and although I never wear maxi dresses,  I just adore this dress! 🙂  This post was posted on Jan. 21, 2011.

* As I am editing and adding to most of my blog entries, I came across this post. As I usually do when I am bored, I go online shopping. As this day was any other day, it came to me that this dress is no longer available. SHOCKER! And I just love this dress.

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