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I have new ideas about what is in store for my blog: 

  • Cruise wear
  • Spring break
  • Prom
  • Magazine covers
  • Movies/film
  • Travel ideas
  • Jewelry
  • Stores to shop at, well what else can you do in a store?
  • Gossip about the stars
  • What the stars are wearing
  • Basically the Fashion Police, minus E!’s camera,makeup, set crew!

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Currently, I am watching the newest episode of Gossip Girl online on CW.com. Since its difficult typing and watching at the same time on the same computer, I will comment after! 🙂

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Gossip Girl news: Well, not really their news, but Taylor Momsen has been replaced by Kelly Osbourne for the Material Girls ads. I actually like Kelly! I think she looks super fit, and she really is very pretty! And she is stylish! I just adore her on the Fashion Police on E! She has very good taste! I feel bad for Taylor, but she needs to look and act like her own young, illegal age.


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SO MUCH  to say about Jenny Humphrey. And Taylor Momsen. I think this is obvious to say this, but I miss Little J from the first season of Gossip Girl. She was actually my favorite character, I know, crazy right? Then, she got on my last nerve. Many, countless times.

 Awww, I miss her Blair-ish style! Sniff. Taylor Momsen is younger than I am, yet she seems, well try, try to act even older, and annoying-ly semi-achiving it. I now find that:

  1. She looks like death
  2. She looks like she smells like death
  3. She looks like a raccoon
  4. She needs to wear pants
  5. Her hair
  6. Well, either she turned ito Jenny or Jenny turned into her. Who cares if  Littly J is rebeling, that doesn’t mean real girls have to. GOSH!

 Her tacky necklace says SLAVE. Taylor; your blonde, wealthy,  have perfect teeth that are white, endless amount of eyeliner, you’re not a slave. I know she means not a slave slave, but a “dirty” slave. Why don’t you sell that necklace and help those who are in need of money and TLC. Need I say more? Well. I will anyway.

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