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Spring is here!! I know it has been here for a while, but it was not as clear until this past week, not including yesterday! Here are some Spring photos! More to come, do not you worry! 🙂   I chose these two photos for many reasons: Because they where in the same album, the same day, I like flowers and sun, taken in the Spring, AND they are opposites! The flower is all nice and colorful, and then the cloud with the halo of sunlight trying to break free!


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The Color Peach

Now, my favorite colors are most blues, greens and lavender, but I also have a love for tangerine and peach. I am not a fan of orange, but peach is such a fun color! Here are some examples that give peach a good name!

      This dress looked amazing on Blake Lively. This picture does not give that much justice to both her and the dress, but the color looks great on her!

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Since it is almost spring time, there is a lot to prepare for. The weather! You know the saying, April showers being May flowers. Basically, what you need are floral tops and raincoat. Of course you need more than that! You need to add fun and fresh colors to your wardrobe. But do not wear black, unless needed. Cream, magenta, lavender, and yellow are all great colors to have, especially in the spring time. You need to have denim, of course! But you can also add twill to the mix. Now I am a fan of sparkles and glitter, but during the spring time it is best not to over do it, or just stay clear of it all together. Metallics are good, silver and gold are your best bet. Try more airy tops, with a nice slimmer fit pair of shorts. Just think of relaxing in a garden, and what you would wear.

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