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When you have friends over, what do you usually do? Do you have a plan before they arrive, a plan you discussed, or one that is just made. Here are some fun activities that always make the best times with friends! And maybe have inside jokes to make your other friends jeal. Just kidding.

1. Make bow: you can use anything! Ribbon, paper, money, metal, fabric, ect.

2. Tie-dye: there are now kits that do not relay on hawt boiling water and waiting forever to get the dye out of your hands and face.

3. Photo shoot: everyone loves getting pictures of their fun times. And you could put them on Facebook, to once again show how fly you are wearing a boa. Try different looks; silly, edgy, flashy, and vintage.

4. Road trip: take a road trip. The one key to, other than a car and gas, is to have no plan. Or have a destination picked at random and go there. Getting lost is half the fun. So, get out of here and get lost, on purpose!

5. Write a silly story: write a silly story and then print it out to look like a real book!

6. On a side note, make a film: make a film adaption based off your story, or make a parody of you and your friends lives.


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Ok! Here it goes! I sent my photos from my phone to my Facebook. On my Ipod I went to Facebook and saved my photo on my Ipod. Then I sent my pictures to WordPress via the blog app! 🙂 What is annoying is that the photos from my phone that I saved from Facebook did not work with WordPress! 🙂

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Currently, I am watching the newest episode of Gossip Girl online on CW.com. Since its difficult typing and watching at the same time on the same computer, I will comment after! 🙂

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  • Clean room
  • Reasearch and Writing
  • FAPA skim
  • Law assignment
  • Yoga  No evening classes!
  • Eat
  • Shower
  • Nails
  • Find someone, somehow to fix my keyboard

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Grrr… with HW,blogging, and Facebook-ing, the lack of keys are getting annoying!  It looks awful! I can still use the keys, but it is kind of annoying! I am thinking of getting replacements keys, so I don’t really have to worry. I hope it will not take long! But at least it is not the space keys or the enter key!! 🙂 Always think positively!

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I always have a ton of bracelets on, so I found pictures of some of my stacks! I have a David Yurman, a Lorenzo ( but there is no photos), 2 pearl bracelets, Pandora/Camellia, two silver bangles, a vintage bracelets, random silly bands, a blue and green whale bead bracelet, and a ring! 🙂 Oh, and a Coach watch.These are the bracelets I usually wear. Some of these pictures are lacking some since I did not want to lose or break them! 🙂


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You don’t know me.

I don’t know you.

So why did you

Do this to me?

I guess you do know

Something of my life;

Knowledge of my interests,

My grades, and even my nickname.

So when did you decide

Not to choose me?

I am the one you want, not her.

I am the one you need.

So, when I ripped the thin envelope;

Looking for an answer,

I look down and weep,

Screaming In denial.

So, in return, after

Tearing up all the postcards,

I am trashing you on Facebook,

And leaving threatening voicemails.

You have ripped my heart out

And now not even a Birkin bag

Will make me sane again.

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