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I found this in my notebook, and I guess it was to be posted on that day, but I forgot! So here it is. I was in FAPA:

Why am I so interested in fashion? Okay, I was just thinking about this while I was waiting in FAPA for everyone to finish their quizzes, since I was late for my actual class ( we are allowed to go the next class if we miss it), although I did still go to class. Being the motivated and school loving student that I am, I decided to stay for the rest of the following class so I could get a leg up by my next class the. So, I am writing this down in my notebook so I have something to do. I love seeing how many words I can write on something that originally was just a thought and then capture it to produce. WAIT! Hand cramp! ( I actually did write that down!) Okay, that was somewhat painful! I was digging my nails into the palm of my hand! Oh whatever! Back to the question: Why am I  so interested in fashion? I really am not sure. I am not the type that goes: fashion is my life although it is. I may have times where I break down and say that I cannot dress well. I mean, I have good, classy taste, for the most part, as least that is what I would like. I have been told countless, countless times in high school that I was fashionable. Well, I mean, people did not go up to me and say: Chadsey, you are so fashionable! That would be awesome, though. I think my clothing is fun. I have never worn an outfit without some sort of quirky, fun thing. My great friend states that although I wear a lot of gray things, I am fun! I love color, so I usually buy a white, cream, or gray top and wear a fun, colorful cardigan or a fun headband!  It would be a shock is someone called me a boring person, or worse…a boring dresser! GASP! Speaking of my great friend, she is often the one saying how much she loves my style. So I guess that is all. (Once again…)I think I wear some gray to make whatever color I am wearing pop. There will never be a day where I lack interest, even when I am wearing a college hoody, I always make sure that I am wearing something fun and unique. Thats why I love bright-colored tights! When in middle school, I was wearing that whole generic logos. Hollister mostly. Although I was interested in fashion then, I still wanted to be like everyone else. Then I believe sophomore year as I would usually complement my friend on a generic, but cute, Hollister t-shirt, it just made me think how boring that is. I don’t want to wear something 20 other girls in my school wear. I don’t want to be boring, I want to branch out. I would love to think I am a fashionable member of society. I think, personally, my style is classic/quirky/fun/preppy and in general: unique. Of course I don’t shop at one of a kind shops, but I mix and match things from different places, at different times. It shows my personally! 🙂


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Knowing that this title is not the exect as the real one, Spring’s 10 Best, but it is just about the same thing. Nordstrom lists their top 10 Springs choices, and I will be listing all of them and discussing which ones I personally would like, dislike, and why I decided that! I know I am no professional fashion expert, but I love to start being one! BTW, you can find legit facts by going to http://shop.nordstrom.com/c/spring-trends-shop?origin=headerlogo SO here it goes!

1.  Neutrals:

  • Do I like this? YES!
  • Is it good for Spring time? YES!
  • Would I wear it? YUP!
  • What would look good with it? Although neutrals are supposed to go with everything, I DON’T SUGGEST wearing a nude piece with a pale floral bright, or too bright. It will just look strange. Here is what I am trying to say here.

Right way: Wrong way: Well… I have to think about that some more. What colors would be considered neutral? Light lavender, light gray, light tan, taupe, cream( love!) and pale pink! What is my final verdict? YES for: me, the world, but do not wear neutral while stuffing your face with shrimp cocktail. Think of wearing it to a polo match, or out shopping for new Lilly Pulitzer placements.


2. The Fit and Flare Dress

  • Hands down, my favorite. SO: YES, YES, YES, and YES, please! I will be covering this trend after for a full entry!


3.  The Kitten Heel

  • I like kittens, I like heels, and I like flats, so I guess you would think I love kitten heels, right? Wrong. I mean, there is nothing wrong with them, per say, but I am not a fan of thick heels. The stacked ones are pretty cool, though! I am short, so when I wear heels, I could have on 5 inches ones and still be under 6 feet, easily. So, that would make me 5’7″.
  • So, what I am trying to say here is that although I love flats, and heels, the in between is not so much, However, for the spring time, I would purchase a nice pair of floral ones! I do in fact own a pair!
  •  This section is a little difficult to understand, I know!


4.  The Romantic Blouse

  • I really like this look, and it looks so gret in the spring time! It is nice and flowy, and it’s just simple and easy! YES! Here is one of my favorites sold at Nordstrom:


5.  The Framed Satchel

  • Two words: kate spade.  She does it best! So, naturally, I am just going to say YES! : And for spring go for the solid bright colors, like:  
  • Although you are “allowed’ to wear the satchel anytime of the year, go for a more understated, black framed satchel!  
  • A little side note: I am sorry for that huge space! I keep trying to get rid of it!


6. The Flared and Wide Leg Pant

  • Okay, so this process is taking a lot more time then I thought… so I am going to try to hurry it along. Maybe I will just write another part of this in another entry! Hahaa.. ok. So pants… Flared: Good if you can pull it off. That is what it comes down to. If you have the body/confidence to wear it, more power to you! I can say that I probably do not pull it off. Wide leg: Goes hand in hand.. well… leg in leg with the flared pant, but these are more unique. Still, you have to be able to pull it off not only with your body type, but the way you outfit it. Make sure your top is not too flowy, and not too tight. A great top is to wear them with a blouse, tucked in! 🙂 So you can the tight and loose top balance!


Good for you for making it this far, unless the stress of trying to understand this knocked you unconscious and you hit the down arrow.

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Some may already have heard of this, but Lisa Birnbach and Tommy Hilfiger have collaborated  in the best sense possible.

  Not only is this the cutest little house thingy I have seen, it is a store! Yes, a store! Its called ” Prep World”. Pretty much a dream come true for all the preppy lovers! The Preppy Princess blog ( http://thepreppyprincess.wordpress.com/2011/02/02/lisa-birnbach-tommy-hilfiger-prep-world/) gave a great blog entry on this new branch of clothing from Tommy Hilfiger! They also did a great job and even go as far as critiqing some of the clothing. They believe that sound clothing, with a prominent PREP across the t-shirt deemed too tasteless, and something preps do not look for in clothing. I do agree with the royal PP, but I do like that men’s prep t-shirt, though I would wear it around the house and for relaxing.

Here are more shots of the collection!


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kate spade sells a cute little book titled My Mothers Clothes. What is the best thing is that it is only $25!

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I have new ideas about what is in store for my blog: 

  • Cruise wear
  • Spring break
  • Prom
  • Magazine covers
  • Movies/film
  • Travel ideas
  • Jewelry
  • Stores to shop at, well what else can you do in a store?
  • Gossip about the stars
  • What the stars are wearing
  • Basically the Fashion Police, minus E!’s camera,makeup, set crew!

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The Color Peach

Now, my favorite colors are most blues, greens and lavender, but I also have a love for tangerine and peach. I am not a fan of orange, but peach is such a fun color! Here are some examples that give peach a good name!

      This dress looked amazing on Blake Lively. This picture does not give that much justice to both her and the dress, but the color looks great on her!

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Promotional poster

Image via Wikipedia

 This is from Pretty Little Liars, episode something. Its Keep Your Friends Close. You can watch this one, and three others on Hulu. However, it this episode expires in 7 hours! So hurry up and watch it! 🙂 The reason why I posted this still is because I just love Spencer’s outfit! I love all of her clothes, but this was one of the ones that got my attention even more! 🙂 BTW, if you don’t know who Spencer is, she is the one in the middle!

http://www.hulu.com/watch/169779/pretty-little-liars-keep-your-friends-close#s-p1-so-i0   🙂

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