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Right now, I am watching Sex and the City, and they are talking about going to the Hamptons! I cannot wait to see the house! Ahhh! 🙂 How prep and WASP like!


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Although I have never been to New York, I have always thought about living there! Either in NYC, Manhattan, Upper East/ West Side, or the Hampton’s. I am pretty sure that the Upper East and West Side is in Manhattan, but I am not sure! Many of my favorite shows and movies are based in New York! Gossip Girl, Law and Order: SVU, Sex and the City, Royal Pains, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and more.  I think New York City is the fashion center of the country, and I feel like I need to at least visit there so I know whether or not I really want to reside there! I love brick and ivy, and New York is full of them. I just adore the brownstone! It may be difficult to decorate, but I one of my dreams is to decorate one of the fancy apartments!  http://www.flickr.com/photos/martinpalmer/3048164307/ Taken by the talented Martin Palmer!

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“But Mom you said I could go to the Hamptons this weekend.  My entire social life is legit depending on this trip.”

“I say no, and I mean no. And not after your last episode”

She whipped her freshly golden highlighted hair out of her face so she could speak again without sounding muffled. But if she wasn’t going to speak, she would of shield her face more out of mortification for the fact that her high society mother just said the word schanagween out loud and with a complete face on, even though the only other people in the house where their maid and chief.


“End it.”


Blake stomped away stubbornly and without any socially accepted word running through her head, most of them directed at her mother.

Her mom had no right in doing this to her. Well, she does, but not to this extreme on a regular basis. She wasn’t used to not getting her way. She has been treated like royalty since she was born. She lived in the elite Upper State area of New York and went to a private school that was as elite as her family. Her classmates, the same. They all come from wealthy backgrounds and have been all over the world. Her latest adventure was 6 weeks traveling from various lush tropical islands that were so exclusive; they are not even on a map. Thank goodness for their private jet or else they would not be able to go at all.

Oufff… Blake tripped up the stairs where her fluffy slippers made an awful spill under her.  She hobbled up the rest of the stairs to her bedroom. That’s the one place she enjoys more then anywhere else, well, maybe not everywhere. It was the four poster bed draped in silk sheets and cashmere blankets, and what  a bed without six goose down feathered pillows all organized into a upside down pyramid on her bed. Ignoring the perfection the pillow arrangements gave off, Blake hobbled over to her fluffy bed rug and bounded right on to of the bed, rustling everything in one fell swoop. Five of the six pillows bounced off and ended up scattered around the border of the right side of her bed. She took the one on her bed, rolled over, then hid her face; shunning the world around her. Then she heard a depressing sound coming from under her

“Oh no! I am sorry Willow, I did not mean for that to happen.” Blake said to her tortoiseshell cat, who got hit several times by the scattered pillows. He cat gave Blake her look of “ You need a life”.

An hour later, Blake was dressed and ready to head out. She had on a sea foam green J. Crew cashmere cardigan that hit just below her hip and a cream tank underneath it. She pulled the rest of the outfit with her old but loved True Religion skinny jeans, tall gray Uggs, a pewter belt wrapped around her thin waist, of course with her cardigan open, and her beloved Chanel chain handled bag. She almost ran into Tiffany’s, needing some attention from those annoying sales clerks, who, in her mind, don’t have any style. Maybe someone should tell her that they are required to have a uniform there.

There, she found the most beautiful piece of metal in her life time. Staring back at her incased in glass was a simple diamond pendent and on each side of it there was two perfectly round pearls, all on a platinum vintage chain.

Just when the unfashionable clerk reached into show her the piece, Blake’s Blackberry Tour blasted Dirty Diana, filling up the store with Michael’s voice.

“Excuse me, sir, I will right back, I just have to take this. It will only take a moment.” And with that, she strutted outside and answered the phone.

“What now? Are you going to tell me that I cannot even go out for a walk without making you aware of it?”

“No, well… that too, but I am calling because I just got off the phone with my new assistant and she told me that I have to be in California by 12 pm tomorrow.”

“Oh, well, ok. Have fun… love you… bye.”

“Wait…” her mother said quickly before her daughter could hang up the phone.

“Yes.” Blake said impatiently, wanting to get back into the store. Just before her mother spoke, she yelled to a jay walker: “That’s illegal, pal. Use a cross walk; they are everywhere.” They did not listen, so instead, they walked even slower across 5th Ave. Ughhh… she hated rule breakers. 

Behave, stay with Kylie, I already told her parents about it and they said it would be no trouble.

The next morning, her mother was gone and she was on her way to Kylie’s penthouse. They have been best friends for ever, although they seem to have more fights than actually conversations lately.

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