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Each day, I will post another few facts about me!

1. I love reading! Whether it be a magazine, a cereal box, or a text-book: well, that’s pushing it a little bit., I will be more than happy to read it. I was that kid in class that whenever there was a reading assignment, I would cheer and do epic fists pumps. Legit, I love to read. I really do not think I have ever said I hated a book before. Either that or I have no standards in reading materials. Some of my favorite books include The Great Gatsby, A Catcher in the Rye, Of Mice and Men, Gossip Girl, Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse, The Official Preppy Handbook, True Prep, amongst countless others. When I start a book, I cannot stop reading it. It’s crazy because if I don’t finish it that day, I tend not to read it the next day. Not sure why, but I know that’s what happens!

2. My dream job(s) are as follows: interior designer, boutique owner, photographer, wedding/event planner, creative writing professor, travel journalist, a style/humor columnist, an author, stylists, set/wardrobe director, an actress, a director and film critic. If one fails, I have many backups!

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Okay, we head off to Paris in less than a day! How exciting is that?! I have never been out of the country before and Paris has always been on my bucket list forever, which I really do not ever recall calling it a bucket list because I am not that morbid and thinking about what I have to do before I die. Not cool. But anyway, as a blogger for Bay Path College, I have to remember that many more people, I hope, will  read my blog. Actually, you need to. So instead of relazing at the beach, or trying to get on camera for Girls Gone Wild, which I personal advise that you do not, read the wonderful words that come from my mind to my finger tips, back to my mind, and then into your brains. Muahaha! Ok, so what I am somewhat struggling to say, is that while in Paris, I will blogging at night, or when I have a few moments to myself at the hotel, I will blogging way just for all of you out there that care. I mean, why not care? I am a real person, that most of you know, I am posting this on Facebook, Twitter and Bay Path’s site for not only my benefit, but for you. Sometime when I read a blog, I cannot really get into it as much as someone else’s I know. So, the fact that I am posting this everywhere is so that not only will I get more hits on my blog, hehee, but to make a name for myself. Wow, I ama getting lost here. I think that is what I was trying to get out in the beginning. Lets start again without deleting everything above this, because I wrote a lot of words. Hello. My name is Chadsey and I will be your blogger for the Paris trip. I may, or may not be the only one blogging about this, which I think is fab, but I just want to say that I hope my words will make you feel like you’re in Paris. That is my goal with this project. I am not only blogging for myself, I am also blogging for the trip itself, which I think is so amazing! I will try very hard to make sure my words come out readable and clear. Just a side note, I usually make my actual points at the end just in case you want to reread it again to make sure I am still writing in English, which I know I am since I cannot speak anything else.  Here are my points:

  • I am a freshman at BPC, and majoring in Interior Design
  • I have a love for creative writing, and my voice is always noticed while I write, even if it for a research paper. True story.
  • I ramble too much, but I usually get my point across, or I just make them up as I go, which truthfully, I am doing right now!
  • I will try very hard to make my posts as interesting, factual, real, readable, and fun as possible! If you would like to comment on them, please do. I may even post about a post, about the main points.
  • I do not remember what I am saying. Oh whatever. PLEASE READ MY BLOG!! 🙂 This is meant for YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, that is all, for right this moment!

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 This could also go under Nature Photo of the Day, bt do you know why it is not? It is because I took this a little over 2 years now! So, technically, this is random! I remember it was a beautiful February day, a bit chilly near Hanes Park, but it was very nice out. Despite the roaring winds and crispy air, it was a nice day to take some pics. Seeing from the blue, it is the sky, obv. I just love looking for different angles and I thought why not take a picture under a tree and have the sky show up against the branches? And , of course, it turned out into this! I personally love this kind of angle, and although it would look good in black and white, I feel that with the stunning shade of blue, the picture would look too boring nad colorless.

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True Prep :)But then again, True Prep is not really a book that you read and analyze and discuss after. I love and enjoy all books, but with this question, I just keep on thinking about The Catcher in the Rye. I read this book awhile back, and enjoyed the adventures of the young boy. What I have heard from the critics of this book, aka my friends and family, some didn’t find the book all that alluring, or even worthy of the honor of being apart of the True Prep/The Official Preppy Handbook‘s prep book list. That’s a whole mouthful, or should I say wordfull, HEHE! Maybe it is because of the hype that I like it. I also like the title, and the cover, which I guess may have something to do with my personality, but any-who! On my bookshelf in school. which my parents thought I should bring my whole library amount books to college with me, I, in all honesty, picked the ones that looks the best on the shelf. Yes, I totally can admit that I like when books look good on the shelf. So, yea… Oh! I have a picture of my shelf! Enjoy! 🙂 I am missing some of the other really good-looking books, I know! But they are at home!

 I will take a much more snazzy-er pic later! 🙂


 Ask me anything

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SO, yea… Got a new Twitter account! http://twitter.com/#!/thenauticalprep. 🙂

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