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I just love headbands! I would wear anyone crazy one you can find, and I will wear it! I had several rope ones similer┬áto Blair’s in Gossip Girl! I had a navy(worn out ­čśŽ ), white ( broke when I put it on my head), gold, and black. I honestly have a compulsive shopping disorder. I really wish I was joking. That is why I cannot be trusted with that much money. I will spend it like┬áa drunken sailor. I mean, if I had to be a drunken┬ásomething, its cool to be a sailor, being all preppy and whatnot! But anyway! I have a tub of headbands┬áhere with me at school, but lately I seem to be getting bored with my selections. I am in need of headband therapy. BADLY!


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I just adore Tory Burch‘s flats! http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/tory-burch-reva-glitter-flat/3114564?origin=category&resultback=532

I am sad that they do not have my size in the pewter! But they have the gold, magenta, and navy for me! ­čÖé This is Tory Burch with her Reva glitter flats! I just love glitter/sparkles/sequins!

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GAHHHH! She has done it again! Olivia Wilde┬áhas shown the world MY FAVE gowns to date! ­čÖé ┬áLOVE THIS DRESS SO MUCH!

┬áTHIS DRESS IS PERFECT! ­čÖé Golden Globes was great!

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Hello! I love creative writing, photo snapping , fashion, navy blue, cardigans, headbands, flats, bows, glitter, and all things prep!

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