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AHH! Both just started, but I do not know what to watch! I think I am going to just watch Glee then go to Sex and the City during the commercials! šŸ™‚


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I cannot wait to hearĀ what is in store forĀ beloved Carrie Bradshaw! I guess it will be a movie, not a series. I think it would be better if it turns into a series, like a Gossip Girl. Ahhhh!! Ok! WHO WILL BE CARRIE?! Blake Lively? NOPE! I want her to Chace Crowford: Mr. Big? SO WISH!

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AHHH! There is much talk with the Sex and the City prequel, and who will play the covetedĀ sport of Carrie. There have rumors buzzingĀ that Blake Lively will play her, but her agency has dismissed those rumors. But if Gossip Girl does not last another season, I really hope it stays on forever, I would loveĀ to see Blake as Carrie! Both of my favorite shows are like the same thing! One is with high schooler/college students. The hype with the fashion, relationship, drama, and NYC are both included in the series! They are also both based on books!

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