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 This new Spring ad for Vera Bradley is just lovely! I love how they chose to be on a nice and crisp white boat and have the bright and fun Vera bags pop! It makes me want to buy countless white dresses and all of their new bags! And buy a boat, but that is going a little too far, do not you think? 🙂


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Ok! So yesterday, from like 12-7, there was no power, at all. In campus, and the whole town our college is in! Not as easy as you may think! That last post I published today, but I wrote yesterday! I was planning on doing all my HW in the early morning/afternoon so I would not have to worry about it, so I was going to do my work. What doesn’t help is that I am in need of a replacement battery for my computer, so for a while, my computer was plugged in. Then nothing worked. It was fun, but I felt bad for the fact that I could not get any work done. The only light source other than my friends headlamp things, and some of our flash lights, where the seizure inducing light on CampO,not sure why it’s called that, and the random red and blue flashing lights. Why make those lights so much fun to watch, but staring at them for a long time doesn’t help your health! Hahaa! So, before we knew what happened, some of my friends and I walked down to CVS to drop off something and shopped around. Of course, the register was closed, becuase they couldn’t open it. I thought it was funny, so its fine!! I wish I had my camera’s charger so I could have documented this! For a while, in one of my friend’s room, we dangled my flashlight on a hook. It was pretty dark in there! And of course, the dorms are haunted. Yea, I know. Freshmen floor and ghosts go hand in hand. But we kept hearing scary noises! Hahaaa! But luckily we didn’t see anything, or I would still be in the corner in a fetal position. I mean, I only held that position for a bit when we heard those noises from the next room. AND NO, no one was in there! Hahaaa! And when one of us checked it out, it stopped. Hmmm…. smart ghost messing with our heads!

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I think there is a bit of an argument about whether or not something is a coat or a jacket! Well, the argument is in my head, so it does count as something that should be noted. Ok, this is just coming from my mind and experiences! 

In my mind,  when I think of coats, what comes to me is more weather and comfort then fashion. As much as I love coats, its more of a protection from outside forces. Coats are uused more daily, and you really only need 1, to be honest. I mean, I would love to own more then 1 Burberry or Chanel coat, or, actually, 1 at all! Thats why coats are mostly soild ones. There is not enough to atch with a jaquard floral print coat! I usualy like shorted coats, since I am some what vertically challanged, but J. Crew does a great job!

Jackets have alot more to work with. There are far more types of jackets then coats.

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I own countless jackets, which is one of my favorite things to wear! Well, I have a North Face, blue, which I love. However, I always look at the most expensive, totally unnecessary coats for winter, like Burberry. So, as I was saying, I am in need of a new jacket! I really like the Patagonia ones! They are so cute, and preppy, of course! I really like the hunter green ones! What is strange is that I really into the men’s fleece! The 1/4in I like, for some reason! Or the blue one. I cannot seem to find the exact model, but whatever! I love coats that have texture, so I will not be including all of the jackets on my wish list! Oh, other the past few years, Coach has had their Legacy Tattersal texture coats, and although very unique, I adore them! Coach




Yes, I know some are trenches, but I do really like them! 🙂

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I just adore this Rebecca Taylor gown! It is from Bergdorf Goodman, and it is sooo pretty! 🙂

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I love Lilly Pulitzer. She makes simple dresses that you can wear more than once, at any time. You could wear it to prom, a polo match, the beach, just any where! And Lilly never scandalous, so when you wear Lilly, you are usually considered prim, proper, preppy, young, respectful, and fun! 🙂

I am pretty short, I am 5 foot 2,  and although I never wear maxi dresses,  I just adore this dress! 🙂  This post was posted on Jan. 21, 2011.

* As I am editing and adding to most of my blog entries, I came across this post. As I usually do when I am bored, I go online shopping. As this day was any other day, it came to me that this dress is no longer available. SHOCKER! And I just love this dress.

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For a long time now, I have added Vera to my collection of bags. They are great quality, yet it now feels that everyone owns them. CONFORMING! I own COUNTLESS Vera Bradley bags and accessories. They last forever, but some people I think chose these inexpensive purses because they want to fit in. Not that there is anything wrong with that!Vera used to be connected with little old ladies, now young girls carry around there little bags like its a vintage Chanel.

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