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kate spade is so fresh and clean. Everything in the store is crisp and simple, but with a lot of glitz, in the not too subtle way. The best way to describe kate spade is: Fresh, Clean, Simple, blah, blah, blah. Basically, it is classic with flair!!! LOVE IT! Here are the nautical aspects of this year!

    Well, this is a little more retro

    It’s a bit of a known fact that horizontal lines are not the most flattering, but when it’s with navy blue and white, it looks nicer than thick multi colored lines.


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I just love headbands! I would wear anyone crazy one you can find, and I will wear it! I had several rope ones similer to Blair’s in Gossip Girl! I had a navy(worn out 😦 ), white ( broke when I put it on my head), gold, and black. I honestly have a compulsive shopping disorder. I really wish I was joking. That is why I cannot be trusted with that much money. I will spend it like a drunken sailor. I mean, if I had to be a drunken something, its cool to be a sailor, being all preppy and whatnot! But anyway! I have a tub of headbands here with me at school, but lately I seem to be getting bored with my selections. I am in need of headband therapy. BADLY!

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For a long time now, I have added Vera to my collection of bags. They are great quality, yet it now feels that everyone owns them. CONFORMING! I own COUNTLESS Vera Bradley bags and accessories. They last forever, but some people I think chose these inexpensive purses because they want to fit in. Not that there is anything wrong with that!Vera used to be connected with little old ladies, now young girls carry around there little bags like its a vintage Chanel.

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Hello! I love creative writing, photo snapping , fashion, navy blue, cardigans, headbands, flats, bows, glitter, and all things prep!

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