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When you have friends over, what do you usually do? Do you have a plan before they arrive, a plan you discussed, or one that is just made. Here are some fun activities that always make the best times with friends! And maybe have inside jokes to make your other friends jeal. Just kidding.

1. Make bow: you can use anything! Ribbon, paper, money, metal, fabric, ect.

2. Tie-dye: there are now kits that do not relay on hawt boiling water and waiting forever to get the dye out of your hands and face.

3. Photo shoot: everyone loves getting pictures of their fun times. And you could put them on Facebook, to once again show how fly you are wearing a boa. Try different looks; silly, edgy, flashy, and vintage.

4. Road trip: take a road trip. The one key to, other than a car and gas, is to have no plan. Or have a destination picked at random and go there. Getting lost is half the fun. So, get out of here and get lost, on purpose!

5. Write a silly story: write a silly story and then print it out to look like a real book!

6. On a side note, make a film: make a film adaption based off your story, or make a parody of you and your friends lives.


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Hmm… Spring Break is almost here! And you know what that means! Ummm… bathing suits, pools, and some other questionable things. Hahaa, all kidding aside, what is the point of going all out to some over crowded beach resort where college girl lift their tops off in front of a pervy camera man? Does not sound like a much of fun to me, but I am like that any way! I wold like that my first Spring Break to be classy. And I know for sure it will be since I am heading off with a group of fellow college members to PARIS! Yes, I know I have mentioned this often, but I would personally feel a lot safer with the President of the college and her husband then a group of my party hungry friends.

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I need to start learning French soon! I am going to Paris for Spring Break with my school so I need to know some phrases. I thought: Excuse me, where is Chanel? was one of those need to know phrases. Others include:

  • Where is the bathroom?
  • Have a magical day/night
  • Can you not blow smoke in my face, please
  • Where is Johnny Depp‘s house
  • Where can I buy inexpensive souvenirs for my family that looks like I spent a ton of money
  • I will not be having the snails
  • I just adore your vintage Chanel bag
  • Where is the sale rack?
  • I will just have the children’s menu, please.
  • How many calories are in that croissant?
  • Oh, whatever! I am on vacation!

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