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Wait…why is it snowing?! It looks like a flurry outside, which I guess is cool, since I am inside. But this past weekend was gross. I mean, I do like the rain, believe it or not, but not the freezing kind where it feels like pelting frozen rain drops. I know that frozen rain drops are scientifically called hail, but it wasn’t. And if you think trees are the best place to hide under while it is raining or snowing… your wrong. It is much worse! It feels like it is raining twice as much, and twice as hard. But who cares? I really wish I did not care, since I would be blogging about something far more important, like hmm.. Sorry! I just got distracted by the snow. LEGIT. Um, well. I forget what I was going to say, so I guess that means you’re in luck. Trust, I shall be back.


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Rain Photos!

I love looking at pictures, and although raindrops are hard to capture in photos, I would like to see everyone’s rain pictures! So comment/send it and I will post it! 🙂 Thank you!

 So since I failed at capturing the true beauty of the falling water droplets we call rain, I decided to take a pic of something even better. My adorb. whale rainboots. Yup, whales, in the rain, connection? If you do not get my strange or lack-there-of sense of humor, whales live in the water, there are whales on my boots, my boots are in the rain. Yea, I do not really find that funny, either, but I tried. WINNING! That is about it. 🙂

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I love navy, rain, boots, and whales. A combination of all 4 are in my rainboots! As much as I was willing to pay for Hunter rainboots, I didn’t. While saving money, I gained far more prep then those classically prep forest green rainboots! These boots are so redic preppy, well at least I think that, but who cares?Not them I am complaining! I adore them!  Awkward shot, I know! They are kind of dirty, especially for being rainboots!

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