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So, I know this will not be my real post, but I am justing going to post this later. I do not really feel like keeping this in my drafting box, so here you go! What I will be discussing will be the classy and preppy bikes that I know I am not the only one who yearns for. These bikes will make you switch from your Jeep to chic bikes! Be prepared! ūüôā

OK! Here is my post! I do not feel like deleting what is above, so I am not!

Here is the beloved Lilly Pulitzer bike I am so in love with. Unless you have this Jeep you will want to sell your car and become¬†eco-friendly! I would even ditch Gloria, my dear car. But I honestly¬†could not get my self to do that. So I wouldn’t. I wish I could¬†find them in bike shops, but I highly doubt they would sell this. You could order it online. If anyone is wondering, the price really is not all that bad, for being a designer¬†bike. It goes for $450, but the green¬†and pink one is not available, but if you email them, maybe you could try.And as for right now, the blue one is unavailable too. Oh well! Good thing I found more fun bikes for you and your¬†Jack Rogers¬†will love!

kate¬†spade is another preppy icon to take the hint for Lilly that prepsters¬†love bikes and they love colors. Here is kate’s new bike. ¬†This bike is also buying worthy, making it about $1,100…which is more than¬†the Lilly, but still. This bike is designed by the¬†legendary¬†bike company, Adeline Adeline (http://www.adelineadeline.com/katespade.html) These bike is so pretty, as well. To be honest, I could see myself riding around town with wither of these bikes. But this green is so gosh darn preppy, happy, and pretty.

Now, for all you chic and classy preps, and do not want to be bright, which is odd for a prep, but still want to be stylish, try the Chanel bike. In Paris, most of the citizens ride around on bikes, Vespas, motorcycles, or small cars, so I am not all¬†that surprised¬†that Chanel came with the idea for a bike. What some people may not know, is that Chanel has these whole sports category, so I would love to get a Chanel boccee¬†set, that would be amazing. Bt anyway, lets get¬†back to the vehicle of choice: the bike. ¬†¬†If the kate¬†spade bike was #1,100, I am afraid¬†to see how much this haute couture¬†bike is,so I do not ave a price. What is nice about this bike, not just because its my favorite designer and one of my fave outdoor activities, is the bag! Not much else to say about this, but I do want to pose a question. 1. Which bike would you choose and why?¬†2. Would you buy any of these bike and are they worth the money? ūüôā



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Knowing that this title is not the exect¬†as the real one, Spring’s 10 Best, but it is just about the same thing. Nordstrom¬†lists their top 10 Springs choices, and I will be listing all of them and discussing which ones I personally would like, dislike, and why I decided that! I know I am no professional fashion expert, but I love to start being one! BTW, you can find legit facts by going to http://shop.nordstrom.com/c/spring-trends-shop?origin=headerlogo¬†SO here it goes!

1.  Neutrals:

  • Do I like this? YES!
  • Is it good for Spring time? YES!
  • Would I wear it? YUP!
  • What would look good with it? Although neutrals are supposed to go with everything, I DON’T SUGGEST wearing a nude piece with a pale floral bright, or too bright. It will just look strange. Here is what I am trying to say here.

Right way:¬†Wrong way: Well… I have to think about that some more. What colors would be considered neutral? Light lavender, light gray, light tan, taupe, cream( love!) and pale pink!¬†What is my final verdict? YES for: me, the world, but do not wear neutral while stuffing your face with¬†shrimp cocktail.¬†Think of wearing it to a polo match, or out shopping for new Lilly Pulitzer¬†placements.


2. The Fit and Flare Dress

  • Hands down, my favorite. SO: YES, YES, YES, and YES, please! I will be covering this trend after for a full entry!


3.  The Kitten Heel

  • I like kittens, I like heels, and I like flats, so I guess you would think I love kitten heels, right? Wrong. I mean, there is nothing wrong with them, per say, but I am not a fan of thick heels. The stacked¬†ones are pretty cool, though! I am short, so when I wear heels, I could have on 5 inches ones and still be under 6 feet, easily. So, that would make me 5’7″.
  • So, what I am trying to say here is that although I love flats, and heels, the in between is not so much, However, for the spring time, I would purchase a nice pair of floral ones!¬†I do in fact own a pair!
  • ¬†This section is a little difficult to understand, I know!


4.  The Romantic Blouse

  • I really like this look, and it looks so gret in the spring time! It is nice and flowy, and it’s¬†just simple and easy! YES! Here is one of my favorites sold at Nordstrom:


5.  The Framed Satchel

  • Two words: kate¬†spade. ¬†She does it best! So, naturally, I am just going to say YES! : And for spring go for the solid bright colors, like:¬†¬†
  • Although you are “allowed’ to wear the satchel anytime of the year, go for a more understated, black framed satchel! ¬†
  • A little side note: I am sorry for that huge space! I keep trying to get rid of it!


6. The Flared and Wide Leg Pant

  • Okay, so this process is taking a lot more time then I thought… so I am going to try to¬†hurry it along. Maybe I will just write another part of this in another entry! Hahaa.. ok. So pants… Flared: Good if you can pull it off. That is what it comes down to. If you have the body/confidence to wear it, more power to you! I can say that I probably do not pull it off. Wide leg: Goes hand in hand.. well… leg in leg with the flared pant, but these are more unique. Still, you have to be able to pull it off not only with your body type, but the way you outfit it. Make sure your top is not too flowy, and not too tight. A great top is to wear them with a blouse, tucked in! ūüôā So you can the tight and loose top balance!


Good for you for making it this far, unless the stress of trying to understand this knocked you unconscious and you hit the down arrow.

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I adore Lilly Pulitzer, but there is something that I am already obsessing¬†about with Francesca Joy’s work! And she does interiors too! Time to redo my dorm room!!! ūüôā

 So adorable!

NAUTICAL! ūüôāOh, this is so exciting! ūüôā


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This dress is a little bit dresser, but its super pretty! My favorite colors are blue and green, but I adore this dress! It’s the¬†Lilly Pulitzer Raya¬†dress. It is Jacquard¬†so it’s not¬†that appropriate to wear in the hot summer heat, but who cares!

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This dress is super cute too! VERY NAUTICAL! And preppy! ūüôā The only thing I wish was short sleeves! And it is not very spring like! But it would be could cute for a summer at the¬† beach. Like a summer beach bonfire dress!

 Lilly Pulitzer!

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I love Lilly Pulitzer. She makes simple dresses¬†that you can wear¬†more than¬†once, at any time. You could wear it to prom, a polo match, the beach, just any where! And Lilly never scandalous, so when you wear Lilly, you are usually considered prim, proper, preppy, young, respectful, and fun! ūüôā

I am pretty short, I am 5 foot 2,¬† and although I never wear maxi dresses,¬† I just adore this dress! ūüôā ¬†This post was posted on Jan. 21, 2011.

* As I am editing and adding to most of my blog entries, I came across this post. As I usually do when I am bored, I go online shopping. As this day was any other day, it came to me that this dress is no longer available. SHOCKER! And I just love this dress.

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Ok! I, among countless others, enjoy reading! I love technology, but there is something about buying a book at the book store, and reading it. Well, I mean, you cannot do anything else besides read it, unless you count using it as a fly swatter, but who wants to borrow books from you if there are fly parts stuck to the cover? Eww! But anyway, please do not swat an angry¬†fly with your $500 iPad, that is just dumb. So, we gave my mom a Kindle for one of her Christmas gifts. I give up trying to get the Wi-fi¬†to work. And I know about wi-fi. It is soo¬†annoying! But anyway, I don’t have any of these, but while I was painstakingly trying to connect¬†and register my mom’s Kindle, I decided which one I would choose! I love how the Kindle is able to let you read in the sun! I was checking to make sure it was actually true, so I got up and walked to the kitchen window. It was so cool! Only I would be so impressed with way you could read on a screen in the sunlight to write a blog about it! But truthfully, I like the Nook because you can have the Lilly Pulitzer¬†covers! I am not that¬† big on the design of it, however! And the fact that it’s a touchscreen is nice, but the sunlight is the main problem there! But the only reasons why I would get a Nook would be for:

  • The name, it’s so cute! Reading nook! ūüôā
  • The Lilly Pulitzer covers!
  • I like Barnes and Noble
  • The touchscreen is cool!

Lets not forget about the iPad! I love Apple products¬†and I would be so happy¬†to get one, but I would get buyers remorse pretty quickly! Its pretty large, it would best if that was your actual computer, maybe! I mean, it does look really cool, and the screen is large, but how strange would it be to be with a group of your friends¬†and suddenly say, “I have my photos from my vacation in St. Bart’s! Let me go show you!” And then you pull your iPad out of your Longchamp¬†bag(http://www.longchamp.com/en/home-e-shopping-417.html) and place your $500 touchscreen tablet on the cafe table. Then the unthinkable, or in your case, the thinkable happens. You spill your hot carmel¬†chai over the screen. Oopsie! FAIL. Wish you could buy a new one, right?Luckly, they come with a guarantee. Will, I have no clue if it does, I am just making this up as I go along.

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