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This is the time to state the obvious. No matter how many scarves we can wrap around our necks, or bow and headbands on our head, there is one accessory that can make your outfit and personality shine. I am talking aboutnail polish. I have to admit, up until say, this year, I would get a manicure instead of painting my nails myself. For good reasons, of course. I wish I had proof that when I was trying to do my own nails at home, it was a wreck. Legit. I am right handed, so my left hand usually looked good. But let me tell you, my right looked as though a cave man painted my nails with his foot. I never seemed to get the fact that nail polish is supposed to be on your nails, not your knuckles, wrist, and face. But I finally learned the ways of the polish.This year, for unknown reasons, I began to dive into the magical world of O.P.I and Sally Hansen. I started off bad, but then I design my own little styles, which did still turn off awful. After a while, I got the hang of it. I would post my many documented fingers, but I will just showcase a few of my faves!

    I am a little obsessed!


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I live in Rhode Island, so I know a thing or two about the wonderful world of Del’s Frozen Lemonade. I make this speech every time I go there. It goes something like this: ” I cannot stand when people use straws with their Del’s. It is so un-American. You know when they are not from here when they use a straw. It should be a law that in order to access Del’s in the cup, you must stick your face into it and shake it.” And then, the unthinkable happens: One of my friends will forget my rant and use a straw. No words come  out of my mouth, but ” WHY?!” The speech comes before/after I spy a perp. Then I feel bad for them. Non Rhode Islanders. And to be clear, I love using straws, I use them all the time, so it’s no offense to the clear plastic tube. It is the people using them with Del’s.

 This was not edited. Location: Colt State Park. State:  Rhode Island. Traitor or idiot? Both.

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Pet Peeves

Everyone has them. Your parents, your pet snake, your teachers, especially your teachers. Remember the first day of classes, where your teacher introduces themselves, and by the end of their little speech, either someone does something or they jut add a side note. These side notes include ” Oh, and I hate when students ask to go to the bathroom after class started after lunch” or something teachery like that. The fact that your teacher rattles off these pet peeves is to make both your lives better. Who wants to get kicked out of class just because they have a weak bladder and poor judgment of time? I am asking if you have any, or a few, major pet peeves that was so bad that you flipped out at a stranger? You really do not have to answer that, but I would love to know! Since this post is about pet peeves, I will rattle off the many things that really grind my gears. Here goes nothing:

1. One word, or grammatically incorrect texts. The words/letters bother me: U,ur, h8 and so on. I must admit, I am one of those people who texts in perfect form, with the punctuations and voice to match. The only times I abb. is : TTFN, BFN(only sometime), LMHO( laughing my headband off) and that is about it. And usually, after I crafted a witty text, I get: K ( K?! I cannot stand it, especially when it is lower case. Don’t you have time to at least capitalize it?!) or ha, lol, and I know/no. GRRR! Basically, the way I text would be the same way I write an essay. Long and all over the place.

2. Jay walkers. There is a line for a reason. End of story. I may start to rant again. I especially cannot stand when they are eating ice cream, because they get to be outside and I have the risk of hitting them when their visors block their eyes from the on coming traffic. And because they get ice cream, but that is besides the real point I am trying to make. My grandparents lived in Wolfeboro, NH, the oldest summer resort/town in America, so I know about this. Tourist bother me, too. Jay walkers: Since its a law, I cannot hit you.

3. People who drive to fast behind me. I go the speed limit. People usually do not, but I guess that means there a=is another reason why I am so special. Sometimes, if I go the long way down my street to my house, I tend to get aggressive drivers behind me. So, to be that kind of person, I tap my brakes lightly when I pass my neighbors house, then I go slowly. The best part? Going into my driveway extremely slowly, then see how fast the person goes around my car. I make sure to swing in big time, even though our drive way is large. But when this happens, with the rush of ruining someone’s day by going 5 miles an hour, I realize I have to repark 3 more times to get it right. That was my antidote. Basically, I hate one people ride the bumper of the car when you are going to speed limit. That’s why there are signs. Law breakers.

4. The talking dentists/ hygience. I love to talk, and I like to be respect and respond to whatever someone asks/speak to me. So, this has been going on forever. I am sitting in the uncomfortable seat, watching Ellen, and when suddenly, I am pushed backwards and forced to open my trap. Well, that is a little far fetched, but we all know what comes next. Having metal utensils in your mouth makes it very hard to talk. I just wish they would ask the questions before they have their fist in my mouth. And when I attempt to answer, and make weird hand movements until I give up trying and just give a thumbs up. I end up looking like a 3 year old anti-social child. Talking hygienists have always been my pet peeve. The worst is that I still insist on trying to communicate with them. Useless.

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