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So, I know this will not be my real post, but I am justing going to post this later. I do not really feel like keeping this in my drafting box, so here you go! What I will be discussing will be the classy and preppy bikes that I know I am not the only one who yearns for. These bikes will make you switch from your Jeep to chic bikes! Be prepared! 🙂

OK! Here is my post! I do not feel like deleting what is above, so I am not!

Here is the beloved Lilly Pulitzer bike I am so in love with. Unless you have this Jeep you will want to sell your car and become eco-friendly! I would even ditch Gloria, my dear car. But I honestly could not get my self to do that. So I wouldn’t. I wish I could find them in bike shops, but I highly doubt they would sell this. You could order it online. If anyone is wondering, the price really is not all that bad, for being a designer bike. It goes for $450, but the green and pink one is not available, but if you email them, maybe you could try.And as for right now, the blue one is unavailable too. Oh well! Good thing I found more fun bikes for you and your Jack Rogers will love!

kate spade is another preppy icon to take the hint for Lilly that prepsters love bikes and they love colors. Here is kate’s new bike.  This bike is also buying worthy, making it about $1,100…which is more than the Lilly, but still. This bike is designed by the legendary bike company, Adeline Adeline (http://www.adelineadeline.com/katespade.html) These bike is so pretty, as well. To be honest, I could see myself riding around town with wither of these bikes. But this green is so gosh darn preppy, happy, and pretty.

Now, for all you chic and classy preps, and do not want to be bright, which is odd for a prep, but still want to be stylish, try the Chanel bike. In Paris, most of the citizens ride around on bikes, Vespas, motorcycles, or small cars, so I am not all that surprised that Chanel came with the idea for a bike. What some people may not know, is that Chanel has these whole sports category, so I would love to get a Chanel boccee set, that would be amazing. Bt anyway, lets get back to the vehicle of choice: the bike.   If the kate spade bike was #1,100, I am afraid to see how much this haute couture bike is,so I do not ave a price. What is nice about this bike, not just because its my favorite designer and one of my fave outdoor activities, is the bag! Not much else to say about this, but I do want to pose a question. 1. Which bike would you choose and why? 2. Would you buy any of these bike and are they worth the money? 🙂



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WOW! What a magical time we had in Paris! There is so much to talk about! Here is what we did on Sunday, our first day in the City of Lights/Love! After our flight, we hopped aboard our Mercedes bus(es) and drove around Paris! Here are some of the shots, from the bus, that I captured!


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Hello! I am so sorry about not blogging for a while!The WiFi at the hotel was down last night, which was when I was going to post a new post about our first day! And once again, we had a very busy day! Our day today, 3/15/2011 started about 6:30 ish for breakfast. Oh no! I forgot where we actually went first, but I will get that to you tomorrow. My brain is a bit off right now! I am so excited that the internet is working again! If you want to know, I will be editing each of theis blog posts to add more and more pictures! We got back to the hotel tonihght at 8:45! We did alot of walking, which I was glad since I got to eat more food! YUMMM! I never had geloto before and I tried passion. IT WAS PASSION! It was AMAZING! Do not worry, I kept the spoon! 🙂 I realized I did not take pictures of the food, which is odd for me because I always take pictures of ranodom things, esp. food! But I will send food that maybe others had taken! I do not want to put up my Effile Tower pics yet since I think that deserves a few posts! But I will be adding more and more from each day unto the next day. I wish that I could keep focused to make a super good blog, but please do not worry, I will make everyone proud! 🙂 Here are some pics of today! Tomorrows will be dated, as of what we did on Monday!! 🙂 Paris is madness, but I love it! I have so many pics, I cannot wait to put them up! Here are a few from the past 2  days, but not ones of  today! 🙂


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Hello! I am sorry this is so late! I had problems with my laptops’ conversion and WiFi thing! But now it is working, so this is going to go well! Who knew there was going t0 be so many different steps in getting connected! OK! So, as of 6:10 Sunday morning, Bay Path College landed in France! We had a very busy, long, first day! What did we do? Well, when we got off the place, we got on the bus and our tour of Paris started! For the bus tour, we chilled and relaxed, well. I tried to, I was very excited about being in another country, and having it be Paris was so magical! Her are some of the quick pics I took while being inside the bus. Yes, I know this is not the best quality, but I promise to post ones that I took in real life tomorrow! 🙂  *** Please note: I will be editing this post with more pictures tomorrow, I promise! 🙂 I want you guys to wait for the quality photos I am taking!! 🙂

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Okay, we head off to Paris in less than a day! How exciting is that?! I have never been out of the country before and Paris has always been on my bucket list forever, which I really do not ever recall calling it a bucket list because I am not that morbid and thinking about what I have to do before I die. Not cool. But anyway, as a blogger for Bay Path College, I have to remember that many more people, I hope, will  read my blog. Actually, you need to. So instead of relazing at the beach, or trying to get on camera for Girls Gone Wild, which I personal advise that you do not, read the wonderful words that come from my mind to my finger tips, back to my mind, and then into your brains. Muahaha! Ok, so what I am somewhat struggling to say, is that while in Paris, I will blogging at night, or when I have a few moments to myself at the hotel, I will blogging way just for all of you out there that care. I mean, why not care? I am a real person, that most of you know, I am posting this on Facebook, Twitter and Bay Path’s site for not only my benefit, but for you. Sometime when I read a blog, I cannot really get into it as much as someone else’s I know. So, the fact that I am posting this everywhere is so that not only will I get more hits on my blog, hehee, but to make a name for myself. Wow, I ama getting lost here. I think that is what I was trying to get out in the beginning. Lets start again without deleting everything above this, because I wrote a lot of words. Hello. My name is Chadsey and I will be your blogger for the Paris trip. I may, or may not be the only one blogging about this, which I think is fab, but I just want to say that I hope my words will make you feel like you’re in Paris. That is my goal with this project. I am not only blogging for myself, I am also blogging for the trip itself, which I think is so amazing! I will try very hard to make sure my words come out readable and clear. Just a side note, I usually make my actual points at the end just in case you want to reread it again to make sure I am still writing in English, which I know I am since I cannot speak anything else.  Here are my points:

  • I am a freshman at BPC, and majoring in Interior Design
  • I have a love for creative writing, and my voice is always noticed while I write, even if it for a research paper. True story.
  • I ramble too much, but I usually get my point across, or I just make them up as I go, which truthfully, I am doing right now!
  • I will try very hard to make my posts as interesting, factual, real, readable, and fun as possible! If you would like to comment on them, please do. I may even post about a post, about the main points.
  • I do not remember what I am saying. Oh whatever. PLEASE READ MY BLOG!! 🙂 This is meant for YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, that is all, for right this moment!

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As you may already know, I am a freshman here at Bay Path College. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to go to Paris. I am very interested and obsessed with fashion and Paris is the home of that. I feel as though my life is complete, being able to go to Paris. The City of Love is important to me for many reasons. First, like I mentioned before, I love fashion. Others are because I have a deep obsession with Coco Chanel, having done countless presentations about her and I long to own one of her signature black quilted bag with the gold chain. I mean, I made a Build a Bear and named her Coco, that’s dedication right there. And just to think, I will be able to go to her first boutique when I am there. This is where I have always wanted to go to. That is going to be life changing for me, that’s how intense I am about Chanel. And what’s even grander is that I have never been out of the country, so having my number 1 travel destination is my first is pretty exciting. And I really want to go there for my Study Abroad, but I think I will be better off to making sure I really want to live there for six months. So why is going on this trip important to me, especially my school experience? Well, for starters, I will be learning about a different culture and I can bring what I learn from France to here at Bay Path. I feel that going to a different country will help me benefit and I will gain so much more knowledge. It’s great that Bay Path College does these amazing trips every year, so hopefully I will be able to go each year I am here! So, basically what I am trying to say here is that with receiving the Fellowship Award, I will be able to go to Paris with a little more money in my pocket, and having the opportunity to see what Paris can offer me.

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Ok, I am just so excited, I do not think I can contain myself any longer! AHH! So, I have this blog, duh. Well, I was going to blog/Tweet about my trip to Paris with the school. So, I knew that blogging about the City of Light ,or was it  food, maybe couture, or whatever it-maybe is it the City of Love? Oh who cares! I am going to Paris and I will be blogging for not only myself and my selfish needs to become famous, I am also contributing my great talent of the written speak…or is the written talk? I got it! The written word. Duh. Ok. SO, I am pretty sure now I have to bring my laptop with me. The thing is, is that I need to ge a new battery because it does not last more than a minute, maybe more or lee. Oh, I can bring a journal with me and write down everything I want to, then type it up on the blog later that day/night. Do you think that is a good idea? To write down everything I want to say and then type in on the blog that night? I think that is a good idea, since I really cannot see myself letting the whole world down by not blogging about Paris while I am still there. I am so excited, I may just have a minor heart attack. What will not be minor is when I go to Chanel. That is all I can say about Chanel because if I get into any mere detail, I wold probably : unplug my laptop because of my flailing arm movement, I might delete this whole post, I do not like that idea, or I may just cry of sheer happiness that I am going to go to her first bouti—- Okay, breathe in… breathe out. Yesssss. All set. Sorry, that happens sometimes. I have an idea! I can post my Fellowship Scholarship (winning, I might add) essay! Ok! Good plan! 🙂

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