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AHH! Both just started, but I do not know what to watch! I think I am going to just watch Glee then go to Sex and the City during the commercials! 🙂


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I cannot wait to hear what is in store for beloved Carrie Bradshaw! I guess it will be a movie, not a series. I think it would be better if it turns into a series, like a Gossip Girl. Ahhhh!! Ok! WHO WILL BE CARRIE?! Blake Lively? NOPE! I want her to Chace Crowford: Mr. Big? SO WISH!

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I haven’t watched American Idol in a while, but during a commercial while I was watching Sex and the City, I saw the audtions. They have to be the best part of the show’s progess! What do you think? Do you think the show will be able to last with two new judges, Steven Tyler and Jenifer Lopez? I miss Paula! Some how, the show is still standing, even after 10 years! Its just so crazy!

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