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Each day, I will post another few facts about me!

1. I love reading! Whether it be a magazine, a cereal box, or a text-book: well, that’s pushing it a little bit., I will be more than happy to read it. I was that kid in class that whenever there was a reading assignment, I would cheer and do epic fists pumps. Legit, I love to read. I really do not think I have ever said I hated a book before. Either that or I have no standards in reading materials. Some of my favorite books include The Great Gatsby, A Catcher in the Rye, Of Mice and Men, Gossip Girl, Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse, The Official Preppy Handbook, True Prep, amongst countless others. When I start a book, I cannot stop reading it. It’s crazy because if I don’t finish it that day, I tend not to read it the next day. Not sure why, but I know that’s what happens!

2. My dream job(s) are as follows: interior designer, boutique owner, photographer, wedding/event planner, creative writing professor, travel journalist, a style/humor columnist, an author, stylists, set/wardrobe director, an actress, a director and film critic. If one fails, I have many backups!


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True Prep :)But then again, True Prep is not really a book that you read and analyze and discuss after. I love and enjoy all books, but with this question, I just keep on thinking about The Catcher in the Rye. I read this book awhile back, and enjoyed the adventures of the young boy. What I have heard from the critics of this book, aka my friends and family, some didn’t find the book all that alluring, or even worthy of the honor of being apart of the True Prep/The Official Preppy Handbook‘s prep book list. That’s a whole mouthful, or should I say wordfull, HEHE! Maybe it is because of the hype that I like it. I also like the title, and the cover, which I guess may have something to do with my personality, but any-who! On my bookshelf in school. which my parents thought I should bring my whole library amount books to college with me, I, in all honesty, picked the ones that looks the best on the shelf. Yes, I totally can admit that I like when books look good on the shelf. So, yea… Oh! I have a picture of my shelf! Enjoy! 🙂 I am missing some of the other really good-looking books, I know! But they are at home!

 I will take a much more snazzy-er pic later! 🙂


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Some may already have heard of this, but Lisa Birnbach and Tommy Hilfiger have collaborated  in the best sense possible.

  Not only is this the cutest little house thingy I have seen, it is a store! Yes, a store! Its called ” Prep World”. Pretty much a dream come true for all the preppy lovers! The Preppy Princess blog ( http://thepreppyprincess.wordpress.com/2011/02/02/lisa-birnbach-tommy-hilfiger-prep-world/) gave a great blog entry on this new branch of clothing from Tommy Hilfiger! They also did a great job and even go as far as critiqing some of the clothing. They believe that sound clothing, with a prominent PREP across the t-shirt deemed too tasteless, and something preps do not look for in clothing. I do agree with the royal PP, but I do like that men’s prep t-shirt, though I would wear it around the house and for relaxing.

Here are more shots of the collection!


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