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So, I love nature and I love photography, sooo…. I will be posting fun nature pics throughout the blog! 🙂


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Famous actor 🙂 Why you may ask? Well, I will be answering that! I would prefer being a famous actor because I feel, personally, that you can go on to so many other places, since people know your face and work more than most artists. Now, lets take Taylor Swift as an example. She is huge! So what does she do? She becomes an actress in her own right. Why do you think she does that? Maybe to lock lips with her then boy toy, Taylor Launter, or was it because she knew that if she does not step up her game in this place we call Holly, she would soon drift away, with all of the other country singer crooning about Tim McGraw and White Horses. So, yes, I would prefer to be a famous actress over a musician. The real reason is because I know I cannot sing, and the fact that the chances of me being in the same room as some handsome actor is a HUGE bonus!

Me with one of Hollywood‘s finest. JK.

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“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” Coco Chanel ❤ Always live by this.

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