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This dress is a little bit dresser, but its super pretty! My favorite colors are blue and green, but I adore this dress! It’s the Lilly Pulitzer Raya dress. It is Jacquard so it’s not that appropriate to wear in the hot summer heat, but who cares!


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This dress is super cute too! VERY NAUTICAL! And preppy! 🙂 The only thing I wish was short sleeves! And it is not very spring like! But it would be could cute for a summer at the  beach. Like a summer beach bonfire dress!

 Lilly Pulitzer!

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Floral, sequins, or solid?! Ahhh!

How about feathers?! 🙂  I just love this color! And the texture of the feathers! This maybe taking it a bit far, but I would totally wear this! This is a Sue Wong strapless dress! And what is so cool is that it is ostrich feathers! I hope no animals were harmed in the making of this dress! The only thing not going for me is the trim on the bottom. I love trims so much, but it looks kind of awkward! I know I want a dress that I can wear more than once! With this dress, I do not think that is a real possibility!

SEQUINS! WOW!  This is Aidan Mattox!

FLORAL? PRETTY! I just love this style so much!  This is Donna Morgan! So pretty!

Hmm… Solid?  I am not that big of a fan of red, but this BCBGMAXAZRIA dress!

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At the school I go to, we have a spring gala. Like a dance thingy! And I already have been thinking about what to wear! Throughout these few months, I will show some of the options! I actually do not know when the dance is, but I am still thinking! 🙂

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GAHHHH! She has done it again! Olivia Wilde has shown the world MY FAVE gowns to date! 🙂  LOVE THIS DRESS SO MUCH!

 THIS DRESS IS PERFECT! 🙂 Golden Globes was great!

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