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As you may all know, fall has been here for a while. Growing up in New England and having been around for 19 years has made me love Fall even more. New Englanders, in my opinion, have the best of each season!! It may be late to start thinking about Fall wear, but it’s never too late to know what you need. So in this post, I will chatting it up and discussing the Must Haves of Fall Fashions. Lets get started!

 Dark washed jeans. Looks great with everything, I must say. I prefer skinny jeans since the top portion of fall clothing is layers. You do not want to look frumpy while wearing your Fall gear, do you? And dark washed jeans are far more flattering than those dreadful light washed jeans with the pre-ripped details. I am just saying!

 Sweaters. Fair Isle, reindeer/animal, cable knit, cashmere, turtlenecks,and a select few of cardigans. The more annoying the pattern, the more you look great! I am talking about the whole Navajo styles! Tennis style ( V- neck) and Irish Fishermen is fab too! You can add a nice sweater with a crispy dark washed jean and your good, oh, and don’t forget the shoes (you know that has to be coming up!)The chunkier the knit is, the warmer you are. No, not those awful Christmas sweaters, we are still talking about fall here! Oh, and I do not see what the fuss is with those Awful Christmas Sweater parties, although they do seem intriguing. I do have a favorite holiday picture of myself and my sister, and we look great in our sweaters, but they are not horrible compared to everyone else’s. I just going to leave it as I am glad our parents did not torture us with ugly clothing. (Had to add a rant about Christmas sweaters…I know you lovers are out there!)

Boots. Tall leather boots-brown/chestnut is my personal fave. Think about equestrian/riding style. Uggs ( don’t hate just make sure you roll down your tall chestnut Uggs down you get away with it!) Flats on muted/nature colors, Sperry( I just had to add that for myself), and rainboots( mine have whales, but in the market/mood for some Hunters).

Jackets. Patagonia( in the market for the hunter green one), Northface ( have one, that is why I am in the market for the hunter green jacket, Herringbone blazer, Burberry trench/quilted anything ( dislike purple, but love the plum color). I like the Burberry short trench I think the long one would look silly on me since I am 5’2” and just be awk on). Lets not foget the puffer vests! And color would do. Make sure it is not colorful or crazy patterned-or not patterned at all. Oh, and faux fur! Make sure its is a solid color, not a crazy cheetah print. You’re not Serena Van der Woodsen.

Colors. Hunter green, maroon, cream,navy, orange ( pumpkin)and brown. There is no need to have bright colors in the Fall. You need to blend in with nature. Who does not want to look like a leaf?

Patterns. Fair Isle, plaid/flannel( mostly for guys), argyle, solid, and animals.

 Accessories. Burberry scarf, knitted scarfs in colors above, and bows/headbands in the colors above.

Nail color. Brown, gold, deep green, deep red, teal, cream maybe and pumpkin. Mute is the word. I should not be talking since as of right now, I am wearing Essie Turquoise and Chaos which is a summer minty/sea foam green color.

 I recommend you think about pumpkin latte’s at Starbucks, learn how to knit, drink apple cider, read by the fire, toast pumpkin seeds after you get your freshly painted nails a bath in pumpkin guts, and prance around in your Fall gear.

Stay preppy and do not fall out of Fall before Winter,


 (And yes, I like to capitalize seasons!) ( I will posting a bunch of photos of what I was talking about!)


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This is the time to state the obvious. No matter how many scarves we can wrap around our necks, or bow and headbands on our head, there is one accessory that can make your outfit and personality shine. I am talking aboutnail polish. I have to admit, up until say, this year, I would get a manicure instead of painting my nails myself. For good reasons, of course. I wish I had proof that when I was trying to do my own nails at home, it was a wreck. Legit. I am right handed, so my left hand usually looked good. But let me tell you, my right looked as though a cave man painted my nails with his foot. I never seemed to get the fact that nail polish is supposed to be on your nails, not your knuckles, wrist, and face. But I finally learned the ways of the polish.This year, for unknown reasons, I began to dive into the magical world of O.P.I and Sally Hansen. I started off bad, but then I design my own little styles, which did still turn off awful. After a while, I got the hang of it. I would post my many documented fingers, but I will just showcase a few of my faves!

    I am a little obsessed!

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Of course I love books, so when choosing books to bring to college, I wanted to bring a ton of my books. In a later post today, I will locate some of the photos of some of the many books I own! 🙂 Here is what I ended up bringing. I chose books that looked good on the shelf. I can admit that!

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I found this in my notebook, and I guess it was to be posted on that day, but I forgot! So here it is. I was in FAPA:

Why am I so interested in fashion? Okay, I was just thinking about this while I was waiting in FAPA for everyone to finish their quizzes, since I was late for my actual class ( we are allowed to go the next class if we miss it), although I did still go to class. Being the motivated and school loving student that I am, I decided to stay for the rest of the following class so I could get a leg up by my next class the. So, I am writing this down in my notebook so I have something to do. I love seeing how many words I can write on something that originally was just a thought and then capture it to produce. WAIT! Hand cramp! ( I actually did write that down!) Okay, that was somewhat painful! I was digging my nails into the palm of my hand! Oh whatever! Back to the question: Why am I  so interested in fashion? I really am not sure. I am not the type that goes: fashion is my life although it is. I may have times where I break down and say that I cannot dress well. I mean, I have good, classy taste, for the most part, as least that is what I would like. I have been told countless, countless times in high school that I was fashionable. Well, I mean, people did not go up to me and say: Chadsey, you are so fashionable! That would be awesome, though. I think my clothing is fun. I have never worn an outfit without some sort of quirky, fun thing. My great friend states that although I wear a lot of gray things, I am fun! I love color, so I usually buy a white, cream, or gray top and wear a fun, colorful cardigan or a fun headband!  It would be a shock is someone called me a boring person, or worse…a boring dresser! GASP! Speaking of my great friend, she is often the one saying how much she loves my style. So I guess that is all. (Once again…)I think I wear some gray to make whatever color I am wearing pop. There will never be a day where I lack interest, even when I am wearing a college hoody, I always make sure that I am wearing something fun and unique. Thats why I love bright-colored tights! When in middle school, I was wearing that whole generic logos. Hollister mostly. Although I was interested in fashion then, I still wanted to be like everyone else. Then I believe sophomore year as I would usually complement my friend on a generic, but cute, Hollister t-shirt, it just made me think how boring that is. I don’t want to wear something 20 other girls in my school wear. I don’t want to be boring, I want to branch out. I would love to think I am a fashionable member of society. I think, personally, my style is classic/quirky/fun/preppy and in general: unique. Of course I don’t shop at one of a kind shops, but I mix and match things from different places, at different times. It shows my personally! 🙂

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  • A Wii fit… I hear the yoga is a great workout!
  • A Lilly Pulitzer dress…a must have for the summer!
  • Tortoiseshell Ray-Ban Wayfarers…a must, although I own 3 unique ones!
  • An iPad…I bet it is great for traveling and blogging on the go!
  • A hedgehog… I wrote a children’s story for an assignment in high school. It was epic! I need to find it and post it! 🙂
  • More headbands/scarves…if I just buy one of theses things above, I would have to wear inexpensive basic t-shirts…might as well make it magical looking!
  • Zac Efron… one word: j’adore
  • A Chanel purse( big surprise, right?)
  • To get better grades!
  • My blog to go somewhat viral…that would be so cool!
  • Tory Burch Reva Flats
  • And last, and certainly not least:
  1. Contribute to Japan‘s aid
  2. Send letters to third world countries
  3. Raise Awareness of anything
  4. The world to be safe, healthy, and happy ❤

Yes, I know my list, not including the numbers are somewhat shallow, but that is why its called a Lust List! 🙂  God Bless The World! 🙂

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Hello! I am so sorry about not blogging for a while!The WiFi at the hotel was down last night, which was when I was going to post a new post about our first day! And once again, we had a very busy day! Our day today, 3/15/2011 started about 6:30 ish for breakfast. Oh no! I forgot where we actually went first, but I will get that to you tomorrow. My brain is a bit off right now! I am so excited that the internet is working again! If you want to know, I will be editing each of theis blog posts to add more and more pictures! We got back to the hotel tonihght at 8:45! We did alot of walking, which I was glad since I got to eat more food! YUMMM! I never had geloto before and I tried passion. IT WAS PASSION! It was AMAZING! Do not worry, I kept the spoon! 🙂 I realized I did not take pictures of the food, which is odd for me because I always take pictures of ranodom things, esp. food! But I will send food that maybe others had taken! I do not want to put up my Effile Tower pics yet since I think that deserves a few posts! But I will be adding more and more from each day unto the next day. I wish that I could keep focused to make a super good blog, but please do not worry, I will make everyone proud! 🙂 Here are some pics of today! Tomorrows will be dated, as of what we did on Monday!! 🙂 Paris is madness, but I love it! I have so many pics, I cannot wait to put them up! Here are a few from the past 2  days, but not ones of  today! 🙂


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 So, I took this a while ago, not that it really matters! Ha! Its my scarf’s fringes on my jeans. I know, so artsyyy. There may be a better one, but the reason why I probably kept this picture on my camera was the way the detailing of the scarf and the color of the jeans looked very nice together!

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