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kate spade sells a cute little book titled My Mothers Clothes. What is the best thing is that it is only $25!


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kate spade is so fresh and clean. Everything in the store is crisp and simple, but with a lot of glitz, in the not too subtle way. The best way to describe kate spade is: Fresh, Clean, Simple, blah, blah, blah. Basically, it is classic with flair!!! LOVE IT! Here are the nautical aspects of this year!

    Well, this is a little more retro

    It’s a bit of a known fact that horizontal lines are not the most flattering, but when it’s with navy blue and white, it looks nicer than thick multi colored lines.

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kate spade is known for being fun, bright, preppy, and whimsical! So why is it a surprise that she does Valentine’s Day theme clothing? Well… it’s not a surprise at all! Lets take a look! Gold and silver are the best accessory colors!!


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I know Valentine’s Day is next week, but why not already talk about it? Well, not exactly about it, but what to wear! RED AND PINK! 🙂

 Kate Spade


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