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Last night, the Glee kids got crazy! But what was the show’s highlight for me? Rachel‘s headband song! I only wish that song was included on the episode’s soundtrack! It was too funny! Rachel writes a song about headbands because that is what she knows the best! Which I think is great! I just love Rachel’s outfits! They are childish, yet so cute at the same time! Like last episode, last week! When Brittney is forced to buy clothes similar to Rachel’s so the trend would catch on! I just loved it! 🙂


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Finally! Glee is back on! I already believe this Super Bowl episode is great!! 🙂

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YAYYY! The Princess Dairies has been on E! for a few days, for their Movies We Love. And having this movie on VHS and have watched this a million times before, I still enjoy this movie! I think having not seen it in a while, and being older, it gets funnier! And Julie Andrews is totes awesome! And do not even forget about Anne Hathaway! Wow! What a difference! 🙂 I have never likes her “crush”. Eww. HAHAA!

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