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Hmmm… I do in fact like the Black Eyed Peas, but their performance for the Half Time Show was a bit of a bummer. Lay off the auto tune, please!! 🙂


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Usually watching the Super Bowl is almost as great as the advertisements, but this year, it seems that there are not that many great ads. They have some good ones, but there seems to be a lot more movie and TV trailers. A bit of a disappointment so far!

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So, Super Bowl is today! I am bummed that the Patriots are not playing in it, but I do not follow football all that much anyway. The only time I was excited about sports was when like 6-7 years ago when the Red Sox, the Patriots, and the Bruins all one their respected highest honor all in the same year! That was cool, for die-hard New Englanders! So, I guess the Steelers and the Green Bay somethings are playing!

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