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So, I love nature and I love photography, sooo…. I will be posting fun nature pics throughout the blog! 🙂


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Rain Photos!

I love looking at pictures, and although raindrops are hard to capture in photos, I would like to see everyone’s rain pictures! So comment/send it and I will post it! 🙂 Thank you!

 So since I failed at capturing the true beauty of the falling water droplets we call rain, I decided to take a pic of something even better. My adorb. whale rainboots. Yup, whales, in the rain, connection? If you do not get my strange or lack-there-of sense of humor, whales live in the water, there are whales on my boots, my boots are in the rain. Yea, I do not really find that funny, either, but I tried. WINNING! That is about it. 🙂

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YAYYY! The Princess Dairies has been on E! for a few days, for their Movies We Love. And having this movie on VHS and have watched this a million times before, I still enjoy this movie! I think having not seen it in a while, and being older, it gets funnier! And Julie Andrews is totes awesome! And do not even forget about Anne Hathaway! Wow! What a difference! 🙂 I have never likes her “crush”. Eww. HAHAA!

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