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I found this in my notebook, and I guess it was to be posted on that day, but I forgot! So here it is. I was in FAPA:

Why am I so interested in fashion? Okay, I was just thinking about this while I was waiting in FAPA for everyone to finish their quizzes, since I was late for my actual class ( we are allowed to go the next class if we miss it), although I did still go to class. Being the motivated and school loving student that I am, I decided to stay for the rest of the following class so I could get a leg up by my next class the. So, I am writing this down in my notebook so I have something to do. I love seeing how many words I can write on something that originally was just a thought and then capture it to produce. WAIT! Hand cramp! ( I actually did write that down!) Okay, that was somewhat painful! I was digging my nails into the palm of my hand! Oh whatever! Back to the question: Why am I  so interested in fashion? I really am not sure. I am not the type that goes: fashion is my life although it is. I may have times where I break down and say that I cannot dress well. I mean, I have good, classy taste, for the most part, as least that is what I would like. I have been told countless, countless times in high school that I was fashionable. Well, I mean, people did not go up to me and say: Chadsey, you are so fashionable! That would be awesome, though. I think my clothing is fun. I have never worn an outfit without some sort of quirky, fun thing. My great friend states that although I wear a lot of gray things, I am fun! I love color, so I usually buy a white, cream, or gray top and wear a fun, colorful cardigan or a fun headband!  It would be a shock is someone called me a boring person, or worse…a boring dresser! GASP! Speaking of my great friend, she is often the one saying how much she loves my style. So I guess that is all. (Once again…)I think I wear some gray to make whatever color I am wearing pop. There will never be a day where I lack interest, even when I am wearing a college hoody, I always make sure that I am wearing something fun and unique. Thats why I love bright-colored tights! When in middle school, I was wearing that whole generic logos. Hollister mostly. Although I was interested in fashion then, I still wanted to be like everyone else. Then I believe sophomore year as I would usually complement my friend on a generic, but cute, Hollister t-shirt, it just made me think how boring that is. I don’t want to wear something 20 other girls in my school wear. I don’t want to be boring, I want to branch out. I would love to think I am a fashionable member of society. I think, personally, my style is classic/quirky/fun/preppy and in general: unique. Of course I don’t shop at one of a kind shops, but I mix and match things from different places, at different times. It shows my personally! 🙂


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  • A Wii fit… I hear the yoga is a great workout!
  • A Lilly Pulitzer dress…a must have for the summer!
  • Tortoiseshell Ray-Ban Wayfarers…a must, although I own 3 unique ones!
  • An iPad…I bet it is great for traveling and blogging on the go!
  • A hedgehog… I wrote a children’s story for an assignment in high school. It was epic! I need to find it and post it! 🙂
  • More headbands/scarves…if I just buy one of theses things above, I would have to wear inexpensive basic t-shirts…might as well make it magical looking!
  • Zac Efron… one word: j’adore
  • A Chanel purse( big surprise, right?)
  • To get better grades!
  • My blog to go somewhat viral…that would be so cool!
  • Tory Burch Reva Flats
  • And last, and certainly not least:
  1. Contribute to Japan‘s aid
  2. Send letters to third world countries
  3. Raise Awareness of anything
  4. The world to be safe, healthy, and happy ❤

Yes, I know my list, not including the numbers are somewhat shallow, but that is why its called a Lust List! 🙂  God Bless The World! 🙂

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Some may already have heard of this, but Lisa Birnbach and Tommy Hilfiger have collaborated  in the best sense possible.

  Not only is this the cutest little house thingy I have seen, it is a store! Yes, a store! Its called ” Prep World”. Pretty much a dream come true for all the preppy lovers! The Preppy Princess blog ( http://thepreppyprincess.wordpress.com/2011/02/02/lisa-birnbach-tommy-hilfiger-prep-world/) gave a great blog entry on this new branch of clothing from Tommy Hilfiger! They also did a great job and even go as far as critiqing some of the clothing. They believe that sound clothing, with a prominent PREP across the t-shirt deemed too tasteless, and something preps do not look for in clothing. I do agree with the royal PP, but I do like that men’s prep t-shirt, though I would wear it around the house and for relaxing.

Here are more shots of the collection!


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I just j’adore Spencer’s outfit!!  She knows excetly how to wear a beret! 🙂

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I just love headbands! I would wear anyone crazy one you can find, and I will wear it! I had several rope ones similer to Blair’s in Gossip Girl! I had a navy(worn out 😦 ), white ( broke when I put it on my head), gold, and black. I honestly have a compulsive shopping disorder. I really wish I was joking. That is why I cannot be trusted with that much money. I will spend it like a drunken sailor. I mean, if I had to be a drunken something, its cool to be a sailor, being all preppy and whatnot! But anyway! I have a tub of headbands here with me at school, but lately I seem to be getting bored with my selections. I am in need of headband therapy. BADLY!

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I think there is a bit of an argument about whether or not something is a coat or a jacket! Well, the argument is in my head, so it does count as something that should be noted. Ok, this is just coming from my mind and experiences! 

In my mind,  when I think of coats, what comes to me is more weather and comfort then fashion. As much as I love coats, its more of a protection from outside forces. Coats are uused more daily, and you really only need 1, to be honest. I mean, I would love to own more then 1 Burberry or Chanel coat, or, actually, 1 at all! Thats why coats are mostly soild ones. There is not enough to atch with a jaquard floral print coat! I usualy like shorted coats, since I am some what vertically challanged, but J. Crew does a great job!

Jackets have alot more to work with. There are far more types of jackets then coats.

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I own countless jackets, which is one of my favorite things to wear! Well, I have a North Face, blue, which I love. However, I always look at the most expensive, totally unnecessary coats for winter, like Burberry. So, as I was saying, I am in need of a new jacket! I really like the Patagonia ones! They are so cute, and preppy, of course! I really like the hunter green ones! What is strange is that I really into the men’s fleece! The 1/4in I like, for some reason! Or the blue one. I cannot seem to find the exact model, but whatever! I love coats that have texture, so I will not be including all of the jackets on my wish list! Oh, other the past few years, Coach has had their Legacy Tattersal texture coats, and although very unique, I adore them! Coach




Yes, I know some are trenches, but I do really like them! 🙂

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