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6. I used to play the guitar, and I am planning on starting up again very soon!

7.   I went through a massive moons and star faze. Everything I had was moons and stars! My comforter, mobiles, a metal sun, my light switch cover, basically I had an obsession. Luckily, in school, whenever we had the galaxy section, I was beast at it, getting A+’s on just about everything! My obsession was good for something.

8. For my Senior Project I ran the annual Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Fashion Show.  It was such a great learning experience! I defiantly want to do it again.

9. I have a massive collection of Vera Bradley and will refuse to throw away them. Well, no one has told me to, yet, but I know my answer will be nope!

10. I am a hoarder. See, I can admit I have a problem! I do not (like to) give away clothes. Not because I do not like helping, I love that, but I cannot get over losing things. I even take my sisters’ birthday cards because I feel bad for her not keeping them. SO: old t-shirts and birthday cards are my kryptonite. I thought it would be better if it was designer bags, but nope, $20 shirts and cards. But I have been able to put everything that does not fit me in massive pile, which makes me happy. This means, more shopping! I am glad that my family donates everything to either our neighbors, or to Big Sisters!

11. My favorite animals are hedgehogs, whales, unicorns and cats/dogs

12. I was obsessed with rocks and I had a big collection of those too!

Basically, here is what I have collected:

Rocks (named all the big ones)

Glow in the dark stars

Sparkly gel pens

Moon and star things

Unicorn stuffed animals






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Here is another view of the wine bottle display that I am still obsessed about.

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 I would have to say that while in Paris, I was more in awe of the buildings around whatever we where touring, the trees, the gardens, the hot guys, and the fashion then what was really going on. Here is an example of one of those many times where I found myself distracted by anything but the history of Paris. Yes, this is a display of wine bottles at the Van Gough exhibit in Paris. I loved this idea, and yes, I was not the only one in amazement. Many of my fellow Americans took photos of this snazzy idea. It makes me want to go recycle diving throughout the town and make one myself. In fact, someday, I will. But I mean, there where three of these and right next to it was a tourists, but very cute cafe. In France…where the drinking age is 16. And the fact the wine is cheaper than Diet Coke, or should I say Coco Cola Lite. Its that epic, I have the 4 dollar bottle to prove it.

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 This is in Paris! I have more photos of this house, but I decided to use this one for right now because I chose at random! I know I have to crop and such, but this house is sooo adorb! What I find funny here is that since this is located in a town which is very historical, and there is an odd-looking light hanging out. Sure, there is no connection between old and new, but by new, I mean random and odd. Did anyone else notice that the way the light just is chilling? I just want to snipe a white fence that is against a house and fix it. I thought at first it was a satellite or a security camera, but now I am not so sure. So, in conclusion, I loved this house in Paris and there is an annoying look lamp/light/camera thingy hanging out over the door. 🙂

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The Eiffel Tower:  and at night…  and showing off…  

Notre Dame:   Famed Stained Glass

The Louvre:  I just love the modern glass!

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Here are the many faces of the massive landmark! 🙂


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WOW! What a magical time we had in Paris! There is so much to talk about! Here is what we did on Sunday, our first day in the City of Lights/Love! After our flight, we hopped aboard our Mercedes bus(es) and drove around Paris! Here are some of the shots, from the bus, that I captured!


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