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I always have a ton of bracelets on, so I found pictures of some of my stacks! I have a David Yurman, a Lorenzo ( but there is no photos), 2 pearl bracelets, Pandora/Camellia, two silver bangles, a vintage bracelets, random silly bands, a blue and green whale bead bracelet, and a ring! 🙂 Oh, and a Coach watch.These are the bracelets I usually wear. Some of these pictures are lacking some since I did not want to lose or break them! 🙂



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This dress is a little bit dresser, but its super pretty! My favorite colors are blue and green, but I adore this dress! It’s the Lilly Pulitzer Raya dress. It is Jacquard so it’s not that appropriate to wear in the hot summer heat, but who cares!

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