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So, long story short, my family and I went on vacation. All together…and we all made it! Hahaha! Since I took hundreds of pictures, I will be posting some each day, hopefully! Oh, and it was Bermuda, home to knee-high socks and loafers Yup, pretty epic! Too bad they did not wear navy/lime green, or lime green/pink striped socks, that would be even more amazing! Bermuda really is the home of Bermuda shorts. There where everyone where! Pink Bermuda shorts were plastered on just about everything! Sugar packets, the airport, hmm, what else? But to my somewhat dismay, not that many people actually rocked the pink look. I guess that style went out there when it come other to New England, especially certain places of Rhode Island (which is areal state, not just from Family Guy). So, this is just a warning to all who read this (oh, and thank you for doing so!) Bye for this moment! Here is a photo of a group of pastel homes that I took on the ferry! Enjoy!


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Who knew you would still get a snow day in college? This would be my first class this semester, at 8:00! So, I woke up at 7:09. Then I went back to bed, since the campus is very small and my outfit and bag was already set up. It’s in New England, so it was pretty snowy! I headed out at about 7:45 to get a super quick breakfast. The snow was very icy. It felt like it was pelting snow! Snow is supposed to be soft and fluffy! Not frozen water! But anyway, I have nothing to do today, since I do not have any classes! 🙂

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