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I think there is a bit of an argument about whether or not something is a coat or a jacket! Well, the argument is in my head, so it does count as something that should be noted. Ok, this is just coming from my mind and experiences! 

In my mind,  when I think of coats, what comes to me is more weather and comfort then fashion. As much as I love coats, its more of a protection from outside forces. Coats are uused more daily, and you really only need 1, to be honest. I mean, I would love to own more then 1 Burberry or Chanel coat, or, actually, 1 at all! Thats why coats are mostly soild ones. There is not enough to atch with a jaquard floral print coat! I usualy like shorted coats, since I am some what vertically challanged, but J. Crew does a great job!

Jackets have alot more to work with. There are far more types of jackets then coats.


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