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This is the time to state the obvious. No matter how many scarves we can wrap around our necks, or bow and headbands on our head, there is one accessory that can make your outfit and personality shine. I am talking aboutnail polish. I have to admit, up until say, this year, I would get a manicure instead of painting my nails myself. For good reasons, of course. I wish I had proof that when I was trying to do my own nails at home, it was a wreck. Legit. I am right handed, so my left hand usually looked good. But let me tell you, my right looked as though a cave man painted my nails with his foot. I never seemed to get the fact that nail polish is supposed to be on your nails, not your knuckles, wrist, and face. But I finally learned the ways of the polish.This year, for unknown reasons, I began to dive into the magical world of O.P.I and Sally Hansen. I started off bad, but then I design my own little styles, which did still turn off awful. After a while, I got the hang of it. I would post my many documented fingers, but I will just showcase a few of my faves!

    I am a little obsessed!


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The only thing I could afford to afford! I just love Chanel! These nail polishes are all limited edition!

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